Made in JAPAN / HAND MADE /Patented

Proposal for salon work

Designed and developed by Scissor Street Inc,

Without cutting a single strand of hair nor using any chemicals.

A new generation salon item for conditioning hair

'TOKIKATA' Unclog (解い) + Form (カタチ)

Removing tangles and create a whole new condition - TOKIKATA By removing oxidized excess sebum Unclog the hair follicles Restore the natural gloss and feel of the hair

Gloss from root to shaft

Cells in hair stopped working, so we utilize the moisture content inside the hair

By electrostatic repulsion, negative electrons reach to the tip of hair.
The hair will have a overall glossy look. 
※Differences may occur depending on the moisture content of the hair.

for natural hair


Create volume

achieve a light, treated-looking texture.

The roots become soft

resulting in a natural and versatile finish.

Ideal for managing hair with aging hair or other frizz parts.

Recommended for customers with perm,

layered styles, soft hair, or thin hair.

for glossy hair


Achieve a well-structured and voluminous look,

resembling a heavy treatment.

Strong correction power at the hair roots

Resulting in a shape-retaining finish with resilience

Ideal for taming frizz and controlling hair damage

Recommended for customers with one-length cuts,

graduated cuts, coarse hair, or thick hair.


* Please note that it takes 2 to 3 weeks to ship for product -made product.

(Excluding weekends and holidays, year -end and New Year holidays, summer vacation)

* Delivery fee:EMS1400JPY

* In the case of substitute payment, a substitute drag fee will be charged separately.
(Depending on the purchase price ¥ 1100 (tax included) ~)

【Available countries】

Taiwan/China/Korea/Hong Kong America/Australia/Singapore

【Product details】

You can check the product details and the introduction salon on the TOKIKATA product site.

Click here for TOKIKATA dedicated site

[About the handle]

You can choose the handle.

・ Sugami is an offset handle (for both left and right) or glasses handle

(Both left and right use)
・ BIGAMI is 3D handle (for right -handed) or glasses handle

(Both left and right use)You can choose.


Please read the refund policy before purchasing due to expensive products.

Refund policy

We are not responsible for any duties or taxes applied to your order.
Please check in advance how much duties and other taxes will be charged in your country before ordering.
[About import duties] Customers are responsible for various charges (duties, taxes, etc.) during or after shipping.
Import duties, taxes or other additional charges will be collected by your local customs office.
*For more information on import duties and taxes,
please contact your country's customs office directly before ordering.

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