And product after confirming your order, we will ship within Estimated Shipping business days according to the product page (excluding weekends and holidays).

Since it has not carried out the dispatch of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, goods ordered to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be the beginning of the week, or the next day after the dispatch.

Once the goods arrive, "whether or not there is a defective portion in the product", please be sure to confirm "whether or not there is an error in your order".

- delivery time is different for the simultaneous purchase of goods -

If the delivery date has been purchased different items each at the same time, we will ship in accordance with the slow products with delivery time.

You become precocious also split ships on request, but ships that case Te cash on delivery to the customer of the original, The shipping costs divided dispatch number of times.


-about shipping cost-

The postage is "uniform ¥ 770". Will be the Okinawa only ¥ 1,650.

The total amount of money that you pay, commodity price(tax included) + Shipping andBecome.

Customers who purchased at the exchange price is cash-on-delivery commission starts separately.


- for the specified delivery time -

Since we can not specify your date and your time, thank you for your understanding and acknowledge.

Hokkaido, Okinawa, because the solitary island there may be arriving a little late, please understand.


- For international shipping -

Currently, we have not shipped overseas. It will be shipped only in Japan.