About returned goods / defective products

Return time limit / condition

Once the order has been confirmed, it is not possible to accept, change, and return goods due to the convenience of customers other than "product differences" and "defective", so please accept it.

It can not be accepted in any case for the return of outlet products.

In addition, contracts with customers are considered to be established with the shipping of "order confirmation mail" from our shop.
If you do not receive an "order confirmation email" after ordering, there is a possibility of a contract failure, so please contact our shop.

Cooling off is a system that applies to visiting sales. Cooling off application is not required to mail sales. Please note that the cooling off system does not apply because this site is accessed by customers.

Return shipping fee

Defective product exchange, misprint delivery exchange will be borne by our company.

Defective product

We pay attention to the shipping of order products, but if there is a "product difference" or "defective product", except in the following cases, the same good product as the order product I will.
In that case, please send back the product above to our shop within 8 days after arrival, but after arrival of goods.
In addition, even if it is a case, no money is refunded, cash on delivery, please note that it is bad.
In addition, we will be compatible with refund for products that can not be replaced by out of stock. Also, for a refund method in credit card settlement, it will follow the card company.

[The replacement of the following cases is not acceptable]
If you could not contact our shop in our shop within 8 days after the product arrival
(2) Outlet
In the case of goods
Customer's responsibility if you lost some of the supplies such as accessories
When the product is dirty or damaged due to the customer's responsibility
Otherwise, if you decide that our shop will accept exchange in accordance with the above