TOKIKATA inspection maintenance


We will perform inspection maintenance of TOKIKATA.

① Rust removal caused by daily salon work

② Mirror polishing of the comb and handle

③ Each part inspection

[Mail flow]

① Please order polishing on this product page and mail your tokikata to us. We will proceed with maintenance work after the product arrives.

-Remailed supplies mailing address-

1-54-4 YOKI, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo YS.Ⅱ Building 2F
TEL 03-6380-0359

② After the maintenance work is completed, we will return it to the customer.

* Since the number of custody days fluctuates according to the maintenance status, the delivery date and time cannot be specified.

See how to send with letter pack light


[Delivery date]

After arriving at our company, we will basically ship around 10-14 days.
(Excluding weekends and holidays, year -end and New Year holidays, summer vacation)

Yamato flights ¥ 770 (tax included) Okinawa ¥ 1,650 (tax included)

* The shipping cost from the customer to our company will be borne by the customer.

* In the case of substitute payment, a substitute drag fee will be charged separately.
(Depending on the purchase price ¥ 330 (tax included) ~)



・ Please note that letter packs exceed the specified thickness in the packaging status, so it may be returned after posting.

・ Since grinding work is not performed, the maintenance work of the product surface will be maintained, so cracks/chips, etc.TOKIKATADepending on the condition, it may be repaired.

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