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 Scissor Sharpen of Scissor street. A SKILLED CRAFTSMAN SHARPENS CAREFULLY.

[About Sharpen]

If you have a preference for the finish of your scissors, please contact us using the request form below to select your preferred edgings.

If you do not choose a blade, we will proceed with the sharpening process as if it were left up to you.

Click here for Sharpen request form


Please order on this product page and then send your nippers to us. After we receiving the product, we will proceed with the sharpening process.

-Mailing address-

II Building 2F, 1-54-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6380-0359

2 Once sharpening is complete, we will return the products to the customer.

※ Delivery date can not be chosen because it will depend on the products' condition


After the product's arrival, we will send it back in 10-14 days.
(Except for Weekend, New Year holidays, summer vacation)

Yamato¥ 770 (tax included), Okinawa ¥ 1,650 (tax included)

※ Customers need to pay one-way postage.

※ Cash on delivery will be charged separately.
(Varies depending on purchase price ¥ 330~(tax included) )


· For LetterPack, if the packing exceeds the specified thickness, the package may be returned after posting.

· If you are a new customer, we may call for counseling of sharpening methods.

· Depending on the state of nippers,  we may be unable to sharpen and return them to you.

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