Cutty Krunipper case


Scissor Street Original Nipper Case. (5CC OIL ·Sharpness check sheet)

· Logo color: (Black or Silver) is available.
Size: Vertical 165mm Horizontal 75mm Height 27mm


1 maintenance oil (5cc)
1 Sharpness check sheet 

※ We will ship the products on next workday

(Except for Weekend, New Year holidays, summer vacation)

※ For shipping, separate shipping costs.

※  Shipping Fee
Yamato¥ 770 (tax included), Okinawa ¥ 1,650 (tax included)

※ Cash on delivery will be charged separately.
(Varies depending on purchase price ¥ 330~(tax included) )


Please note that if you purchase other shipping products, they will be shipped at the same time as the return of your repaired product.

[Sharpness check sheet]

Try cutting by lightly grasping the sheet as if you were cutting the cuticle.

(Cut several times at different angles.) If you feel a tugging sensation when you cut, the blade may have spilled, or the tip of the blade may be crushed or bent, so it is time for maintenance. 

Note: If you grip it tightly, it will cut even if there is a bend.

This checklist was created in response to the voices of those who said, "I don't know when to send it in for maintenance. 

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