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+1 Plus One Collaboration Nipper


[Limited product] Collaboration product with +1 Plus One.
The edge of the blade features a super flat shape, no need to worry about cutting extra parts.


· ORIGINAL Nipper Cap
· ORIGINAL Nipper Case
· 1 Maintenance oil  (5 cc)

※ We will ship the products in next business day.

(Except for Weekend, New Year holidays, summer vacation)

※  Shipping Fee

Yamato¥ 770 (tax included), Okinawa ¥ 1,650 (tax included)

※ Cash on delivery will be charged separately.

(Varies depending on purchase price ¥ 330~(tax included) )


· Blade shape: Blade Motoya Flat
· Blade tip: 3mm
· Blade tip shape: 3D shape (shape that naturally enters in the cuticle pocket)
Handle length: long type 87mm (± 1.0) short type 83mm (± 1.0)
· Weight: 40 to 42g Spring Grooved


 Please note that if you purchase other shipping products, it will be shipped at the same time as the return of your repaired product.


Try cutting by lightly grasping the sheet as if you were cutting the cuticle.

(Cut several times at different angles.) If you feel a tugging sensation when you cut, the blade may have spilled, or the tip of the blade may be crushed or bent, so it is time for maintenance. 

Note: If you grip it tightly, it will cut even if there is a bend.

This checklist was created in response to the voices of those who said, "I don't know when to send it in for maintenance. 

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