Professional Nipper


[Professional series of scissor street original nippers. (5CC OIL · with Nipper Cap)  professional specification Various option settings are possible.

※ Order made produt which takes 1~1.5 months.

(Except for Weekend, New Year holidays, summer vacation)

※ Shipping fee

Yamato ¥ 770 (tax included) Okinawa ¥ 1,650 (tax included)

※  Cash on delivery will be charged separately.

(Varies depending on purchase price ¥ 1100~(tax included) )


· ORIGINAL Nipper Cap
· ORIGINAL Nipper Case
· 1 Maintenance oil  (5 cc)
· Sharpness check sheet (1 sheet)


Handle: Long or Short

· Blade tip: mm Please select from 4 mm.

· Handle length:long86.0mm to 88.0mmShort82.0mm to 84.0mm
mm (± 1.0)

· Weight: LONG 36-38G SHORT 34-36G

· Handle slim processed

· Spring groove (presence)

· Sprinkle compatible (with smoother)

· Blade shape: Flute Moto-Flat or Blade Standard

· Surface processing: Mirror processing OR hair line processing

· Blade shape: SS specification 3D (Almighty)

· Cut taste: Close up well-Easy to use

· Blade tip (3D specification): Straight ·  Little Bend· Bend

Product details


Please note that if you purchase other shipping product , it will be shipped at the same time as the return of your repaired product.

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