The Owner of Scissor Street will Sharpen your Cuticle Nippers and carefully
If you have special requests , please add this product


Please order on this product page and then send your nippers to us. After we receiving the product, we will proceed with the sharpening process.

-Mailing address-

II Building 2F, 1-54-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6380-0359

2 Once sharpening is complete, we will return the products to the customer.

※ Delivery date can not be chosen because it will depend on the products' condition


After the product's arrival, we will send it back in 10-14 days.
(Except for Weekend, New Year holidays, summer vacation)

Yamato¥ 770 (tax included), Okinawa ¥ 1,650 (tax included)

※ Customers need to pay one-way postage.

※ Cash on delivery will be charged separately.
(Varies depending on purchase price ¥ 330~(tax included) )


· For LetterPack, if the packing exceeds the specified thickness, the package may be returned after posting.

· If you are a new customer, we may call for counseling of sharpening methods.

· Depending on the state of nippers,  we may be unable to sharpen and return them to you.

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